Bec Sandridge is making waves on the Australian music scene

Wollongong singer/songwriter Bec Sandridge is one of our favourite musicians on the scene at the moment.

Bec Sandridge has received favourable comparisons to musicians like Kate Bush and Blondie and her music manages to sound retro and new at the same time. Bec has been making waves for a few years now. She has toured all over the United States and Europe and has performed at festivals and venues across Australia.

One of her first big breaks was performing at the Yours And Owls Festival in Wollongong in 2015. And the good news is that she’s playing again at Yours And Owls in September this year!

Bec Sandridge is our feature artist for Open Mic on the Drive with Chris and Alex today. Tune in at 4:30pm to hear her track In The Fog, In The Flame – a song with electric guitar, 80s pop synths and incredible vocals.

Check out her Facebook page or website for more info on tours and her music.

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