It’s not Frozen 2… but it will do!

Disney has released a trailer for a new Frozen movie! No its not a sequel but its a Christmas special (just in time for school holidays) Its called “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” and yes you guessed it… its all about Olaf!

The feature will run for 21 minutes during sessions for Disney’s new full length animated film Coco from November 2017. It will help build interest and awareness for Pixar’s Coco, just as Frozen Fever (a five-minute musical short) gave Cinderella a slight boost in March of 2015.

The Film will feature four new songs so parents get ready to have them on rotation in your household and car.”Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” will also include all of the voices from the original movie (Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad) so get ready to add the new range of Elsa and Anna dolls to your Christmas list.

The film will be released on November 22nd 2017 and no doubt will show up on Netflix not long after. You can watch the trailer below.