Liam Payne debuts his first single since leaving One Direction

Liam Payne has dropped his first single since leaving One Direction. The song is inspired by the stylings of Justin Timberlake. Liam has gone down the R&B pop road and judging by “Strip that Down” this is a great sound for him. The song is co written by Ed Sheeran so it was bound to be a hit.

Payne has caused quite a bit of controversy with One Direction fans with of the lyrics “You know I used to be in 1D (now i’m out free)”. Payne has since explained that he means no disrespect to his bandmates and is proud of his time with the 1D but going solo has given him the chance to have his own voice and explore his own sound with the genre of music he likes.

The song debuted at no.1 on The Billboard Charts.