Nowra’s sweetest gig

On a quiet street in Nowra, sitting next to the local butcher, there’s a small bakery that has a lot going on inside. The Kinghorne bakery is a local legend, serving some of the best food we’ve ever seen.




But one of the best things about this bakery is that the guy in charge, Christian, is only 18 years old!


Yes that’s right, the Kinghorne bakery is a family owned and operated business, that Christian started running after finishing schoool. the food on offer is simply amazing, with choices including Chocolate hedgehogs, Custard Tarts, plum jam biscuits, and our personal favourite, the chunky steak and cracked pepper pie, with caramelised onion.



Take a moment to have a look through some of the delicious creations on offer, and have a listen to Christian’s story on the breakfast show this morning.