On the Table: Silos Estate

Despite the rain, the Shoalhaven Wine Festival exceeded expectations of visitors, locals and Wineries. They were up 30% in attendance from last year.

One of the Festival hosts was Silos Estate Vineyards, situated on the outskirts of the town of Berry. Silos Estate is home to a working vineyard, winery, accommodation and restaurant across a stunning landscape.

One of the restaurants culinary delights? Alpaca Meat. It’s less environmentally damaging than other meats and its extremely lean, It’s very high in iron and very high in protein.

Since 1870, Silos Estate has been producing an amazing range of wines including their newly added Wileys Creek line.

Raj from Silos Estate’s recommended wine: whatever you like…don’t let other people tell you what you should like “It’s a serious business, but not a serious drink”.

You can hear Raj’s chat with our Breakfast team Grace and Liam here:


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Written by Joanna Lodge