Raising strong women in the modern age: ’10 Things Girls Need Most’ on Breakfast

“What we’re finding by talking to mums and dads is their girls are really unhappy.”

Parenting’s harder than ever in a modern age beset by social media, changing social norms, and experts (including internet ‘experts’) offering advice from every side.

So what’s a girl to do? How can they avoid falling prey to stifling stereotypes and choking social pressures that could leave them bereft of self-confidence or feeling inferior to others?

Psychologist Steve Biddulph’s documented his recommendations in a new book, 10 Things Girls Need Most to Grow Up Strong and Free. Some of these are healthy sexuality and feminism – traits embodied by powerful icons like Fionna from Adventure Time or Wonder Woman (check out our sweet review of the new WW movie with Gal Gadot).

Liam and Grace had a chat with Biddulph to find a bit more about the others.