The five songs guaranteed to make you feel good

It’s hump day and the weekend feels forever away. The good news is that our 2RS announcers really know their music. And they know the exact songs to get you feelin’ good and pumped for the rest of the week. So tie up your dancing shoes and get ready to grin like an idiot; here are the five songs guaranteed to make you feel good.

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Chris from the Drive show loves Big Audio Dynamite’s 1991 track Rush because it never fails to put a “smile on his dial”.

Jo loves TLC’s anthem No Scrubs because it’s from the first album she ever bought. It’s a catchy tune that’s also got that wonderful nostalgia factor.

Alex from Drive reckons Earth, Wind and Fire’s tune September is great. It actually gets him through every exam period and helps to keep him calm in really stressful times.

Mariam loves Pull Up from Jason Derulo. It’s a sure-fire way to lift her spirits. “It makes me want to dance and sing and always gives me energy.”

Shweta adores Blind Melon’s No Rain. It’s a “cruisy and chill” song that makes her feel good whenever she hears it.

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