The great Hawaiian pizza debate

It’s a question people have been asking since 1962. Do you do a Hawaiian pizza?

Sadly, the Canadian inventor of the ‘Hawaiian’ style of pizza, Sam Panopoulos, has died recently, aged 83. 
He created the famous pineapple-ham combo that has been dividing people ordering pizzas for the last 55 years.

This is one pizza that has been surrounded by controversy ever since it was first baked.

The discussion has even divided world leaders.

Iceland’s President Gudni Johannesson told Iceland Magazine he would pass a law banning pineapple on pizza if he could.

Meanwhile, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has proudly claimed pineapple on pizza is great and he is firmly on #TeamPineapple.


How do you order pizzas at your place? Do you believe Hawaiian pizza is a classic or do you think it’s an *insult* to the very soul of pizza?

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