Todd Mayhew: not your average Marriage Celebrant

Photo Credit: Oli Sansom

Todd Mayhew, a Nowra local, has a certain charm that draws people to want to be “Married By Todd”. It was his friends that first convinced him to pursue a profession as a marriage celebrant, because they couldn’t find anyone that they felt comfortable with hosting their special day – and Todd was an exception.

With a dapper 70’s style moustache and blue velvet suit, he now marries friends and other lovely couples for a living.

This guy’s got a lot of fans. The testimonials on his website are outrageously good. There is a common thread that Todd is not only very cool and laid back but he has the ability to weave a beautiful narrative for couples.

Support for LQBTQI communities around marriage equality is also of  huge importance to Todd – he states on his website:
“It’s the year 2017! Get with the program Australia! Of course I believe in same-sex marriage. I am looking forward to the day when it is legal but until then I would love to perform a commitment ceremony for you.”

Check out “Married By Todd” for more ceremony info.



Written by Joanna Lodge