Want to trek around Uluru? All you’ll need is wifi

Google maps has now added street view to Uluru and surrounding areas. You’ll no longer need to head over to central Australia to experience the iconic marvel that Uluru is. Google has sent out the Google Cam not in a car this time but on the back of people that walk a designated track.

Source: google

Google has worked along side the traditional owners of the land, the Anangu people to create an interactive map that includes audio stories of the area. Google Australia managing director Jason Pellegrino said it had taken more than two years of consultation and work to create the Uluru street-view. This is a hugely important initiative to make understanding Uluru and it’s traditional land owners perspectives more accessible.

Sammy Wilson hopes the street-view will bring more people to Uluru and educate them about his culture. Source: Google

Google is planning on mapping more cultural sites in the near future such as Kakadu.

Here’s a link to take you straight to street view… trust me it’s worth a look.