Wonder Woman Review (May Include Spoilers)

I went into Wonder Woman with very low expectations after the disaster that was Batman vs. Superman and the let down that was Suicide Squad. But thankfully I was pleasantly surprised with a movie that didn’t bore me to death.

I walked in expecting a high passed action packed super hero but found a movie at a slower pace then expected and did drag on in certain parts. The movie seemed to have less of a focus on the super hero element and seemed to have more of a world war one drama vibe until the final fight scene at the end.

There was a strong performance by the cast as a whole. Gal Gadot was an empowering lead breaking gender stereotypes and can be scene as a strong female role model like Wonder Woman should be. Chris Pine did a great job of creating a strong attachment to the love interest Steve. David Thewlis mad a fantastic performance as the villain the only downside being I don’t know how believable it is that Greek god has a pornstar stache.

There were a couple scenes that left some questions. Like the magic boat that seemed to teleport the two leads from the home of the amazons to London with the explanation being they got a lift and a scene where Diana is completely shell shocked and unable to hear Chris Pines character Steve talk then in a flashback five minutes later they have a coherent conversation.

DC has been struggling to find a viable method of producing a superhero movie unlike their rivals Marvel. I think the problem DC has been facing is that they where trying to make a good superhero movie and not just a good movie.

All in all the movie was enjoyable with some comedic aspects and strong acting from the cast. The story line was strong albeit predictable.

I would give the movie 6/10