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What’s it like to be LGBT+ in Regional Australia?

With this month being Pride Month it’s a total shame that word has come out that the Sydney Morning Herald was going to out Rebel Wilson.  It’s 2022 for crying out loud. On the 10th of June 2022, Rebel Wilson announced that she is a same-sex relationship

Thinking Of You Week

This week from the 19th June, is Thinking Of You Week in Australia. Designed and practiced to encourage thoughtful messages among friends and those around us.

Shrinkflation In Our Supermarkets?

The term ‘Shrinkflation’ has been circling the supermarkets recently, as shoppers are wanting to find out some of the sneaky things our grocery stores are doing to increase the cost of some everyday items. With the shortage of lettuce and other basic supermarket items, it

The 2NRS Local Legends

Here are all your local legends hitting the airwaves this week. Thelma is an indigenous Australian singer, songwriter, guitarist and musician from Delungra NSW. Her rise to fame came from tracks “Blackbird” and “Father Said” which she uploaded to the digital platform Triple J unearthed in